Preserve energy and enhance forex trading performance through optimal diet

The goal of preparing the right diet is to sustain energy throughout a day of forex trading. Whether working short or long sessions, eating well can help improve focus, boost productivity and reduce exhaustion.

Learn everything about an Optimal Diet for Flawless Forex Trading. Here are facts and tips to consider when planning meals:

Poor nutrition can lead to reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development, and reduced productivity.” – World Health Organization

Aside from getting proper nutrition, an optimal diet prevents physical and mental fatigue. A poor diet will eventually affect energy and concentration needed when trading. Before planning what to eat, first take out any unhealthy food you may have in your fridge.

Top Foods and Drinks that can affect Forex Trading Performance:

  • Soda and other drinks high in sugar like sports drinks or store-bought smoothies.

Side Effect: Causes an energy spike that leads to dehydration and the plummeting of the sugar cycle

Opt for freshly made drinks.

  • Processed meat due to high sodium and preservatives.

Side Effect: High amounts of salt can make you more thirsty and can lead to high blood pressure

Opt for marinating fresh meats at home.

  • Butter or margarine with high amounts of saturated fat.

Side Effect: Cooking with butter increases fat content leading to weight gain

Opt for healthy oils like avocado, grapeseed or coconut.

  • Pastries and other sweet treats that are high in fatty oils, sugar and trans fat.

Side Effect: Refined carbs can cause diabetes and obesity especially with forex trading as a desk job

Opt for fresh fruits and mix with yogurt.

  • All kinds of junk food which won’t keep you full for long.

Side Effect: Causes fatigue and blood sugar drop due to lack of nutrients

Opt for better alternatives. Check out 15 Smart, Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food

Your diet plan will depend on your trading schedule.

What an Ideal day of Good Diet Looks like:

  1. Start the day by drinking warm water with a slice of lemon – not coffee!

    When taken daily, the long term effects of warm lemon water are much more beneficial than coffee. It boosts immune system,  flushes out toxins and alkalizes the body.

  2. Get energized with a balanced breakfast.

    Skipping breakfast is risky for a forex trader. When you balance antioxidants, fiber and good protein, a healthy breakfast prevents overeating and optimizes the body for an efficient day of work.

  3. Go through the day by drinking more water.

    Hydrating the body is essential to be productive throughout the day. Even mild dehydration can cause the body to immediately feel tired and lose energy. To determine how much water you need to drink for the day, check out Camelbak’s Hydration Calculator.

  4. Eat healthy snacks every 3-4 hours.

    Healthy snacking is the best way to avoid eating big meals caused by hunger. This can cause the body to work hard to digest all the food and can result in drowsiness. Try a high protein snack like almonds to help boost energy. Fresh vegetables like carrot sticks are also healthy snacks to improve mood.

  5. Renew energy for the day with a light lunch.

    Eating a good meal several hours after breakfast helps sustain energy and concentration. Make sure to keep portions moderate and the ingredients light. Once you drink enough water and eat a healthy snack in between, a light lunch will be effortless.

  6. End the day with a nutritious dinner.

    A healthy dinner is made up of good protein, high fiber carbs and fresh vegetables. With a limit of 500 calories, prepare a satisfying dinner by mixing nutritious food that the body can digest for the night. To keep track of your calorie count for all meals, use NHS’s Calorie Checker. Apps are also convenient tools to help track calorie count. Check out’s Best Calorie Counter Apps of 2015.

  7. Avoid snacking after dinner if calorie count goes beyond daily requirements.

    With your daily calorie requirements in mind, you may or may not have a healthy snack before dinner. According to Risks of Eating Before Bed, eating too much before bed can cause weight gain, sleep disturbance and other medical conditions.

“Choices that you make regarding your daily routine either build up resistance to disease or tear it down.” – Ayurvedic Philosophy

Simple Food Suggestions for Flawless Forex Trading:

If you are sleepy – Avoid drowsiness and wake up for your trading session!

  • Water with slices of fresh fruit or cucumber
  • Low fat yogurt with mixed fruits and nuts
  • Vegetable sticks with a healthy dip
  • Peanut butter with whole wheat crackers
  • Grapefruit wedges and low fat cottage cheese

Stay away from: Spicy food, Smoked meat, High sugar snacks, Honey, Sleep inducing tea

If you are hungry – Avoid picking the wrong meal or snack and control your appetite.

  • Clear vegetable soup
  • Boiled Edamame beans
  • Whey protein
  • Curry roasted chickpeas
  • Low salt cottage cheese

Stay away from: Frozen meals, Candy bars, Store-bought shakes and juices, High sugar cereals, Packed snacks

If you are very hungry – Avoid binge eating and getting the popular “food-coma”.

  • Hummus and whole wheat pita
  • Fruit smoothie with low fat ingredients
  • Mini cabbages
  • Olive tapenade with whole grain crackers
  • Tuna wrapped in whole grain tortilla

Stay away from: Junk food!

If you feel exhausted – Avoid feeling overworked and get re-energized.

  • Oatmeal with nuts like almonds and fresh fruits
  • Fruits like Bananas, Apples, Goji berries or Blueberries
  • Lentils and other legumes
  • Hard boiled eggs with kale
  • Ginger Tea

Stay away from: White carbs like rice, pasta and white bread, Too much caffeine, Heavy red meat, Processed or canned food, Energy drinks

If you feel stressed – Avoid unhealthy stress relievers and destress with better options.

  • Fresh fruit sorbet
  • Salmon dish with lemon
  • Glass of milk
  • Pistachios or Walnuts (with shell on for a stress relieving cracking session!)
  • Green tea or Black tea

Stay away from: Chocolate, Potato Chips, Cakes and pastries, Candy, Alcohol

Eating right will keep energy up while forex trading. Despite a busy schedule, also make sure to eat enough! First, get an idea of how much calories you need a day based on your ideal weight. Check out the Calorie Calculator for daily calorie requirements. To know your ideal weight, use the Ideal Weight Calculator.

“Consuming fewer calories than required results in sudden exhaustion, mood swings and low productivity.”

Whether you need to lose weight or eat healthier, nutritious meals and snacks are key to an optimal diet when trading. With a forex lifestyle, it is easy to reach for a quick and usually unhealthy meal.

Easy and Delicious Meals that are Great for Forex Traders:

Blueberry-Pomegranate Oatmeal Smoothie by Bobby Flay

A bright and filling drink that is worth the extra effort especially if you need to work right away.

Meal: For Breakfast on the go

Bobby Flay

Zap It! Scrambled Eggs and Cheese by Martha Stewart

A quick and flexible meal that can be cooked using a microwave!

Meal: For a quick Breakfast

Morning Glory Muffins by Martha Stewart

A healthy and nutritious option for traders who must have muffins. Ready to eat for the week

Meal: For breakfast or snacks

16 Recipes that Pack Well for Lunch by Cookie and Kate

A variety of delicious recipes that can be packed and ready to eat during the workweek

Meal: For prepared lunch or dinner

The Perfect Sandwich by The Healthy Chef

A guide to making healthier sandwiches for yourself and for your family.

Meal: For a quick lunch

Creamy Vegan Potato Salad by One Ingredient Chef

A whole food potato salad that is much healthier than the original recipe. Ready to eat from the fridge

Meal: For Lunch or Dinner side dish

Skinny Carbonara by Jamie Oliver

A healthy version of a favorite pasta recipe. Great comfort food for mid-week meals

Meal: For weeknight Dinners

Mustard-Maple Roasted Salmon by Food Network

A slightly indulgent yet healthy meal to end a long week of work. Only takes 20 minutes to bake

Meal: For Friday night Dinners

Key to an optimal diet:

The key to an optimal diet is to balance what you eat, plan a variety of healthy meals and eat everything in moderation. For efficient forex trading, eating the right food can provide energy and prevent sick days. Once you get used to preparing an optimal diet for the workweek, you not only improve results but also develop lifelong healthy habits.