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Notes: Try not to rev above 2k rpm Mileage 126655 + 4000km run in. Always Caltex 95 Fuel. Do not do anything. Bonnet should not be opened for no apparent reason.  Brake Dust Repellent to eliminate braking noise. Understand the engine, understand the car. Do not go to the workshop unnecessarily. Mechatronic: Shift to 7 manually and back when below 2000 rpm ONCE per trip. Do not WHACK the engine. Turn off headlights put to position 0 when washing and in the day to prevent blown bulbs. Remember to pump air if not driven for 3 whole days. Keep valve stem straight for right rear tyre when pumping air. 2 levels front and back when adjusting seat. Count when the gears are going thru the engine. Take out hp stand and put at the side if open air or hot or more than 6 hrs due to noon sun. DIY as much as possible. Do not turn the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary. Always LOOK at the PERSON in the vehicle beside you. use the HORN. Have enough SLEEP. Always check blind-spot both left and right when turning. Laset top up with coolant and reservoir 6th Dec 2018. Max half for coolant. Take out car charger of overnight.

Soon Xing Auto: Towing, mechatronic, coding, labour to change mechatronic


Keyeo: Key Remote

Mirage Garage: ( Do not go)


Servotronic: Timing chain, tension guide piece, seal gasket, water pipe, engine oil, oil filer, main bearing, conrod bearing, used crankshaft, used oil pump, piston, piston ring, gasket set, flywheel oil seal, abs pump programming


Servotronic: Remove and install engine to replace No.1 conrod


Servotronic: Towing Charge, Replace 4 liter engine oil, replace cylinder head gasket, replace used crankshaft, top up new coolant


Servotronic: Replace charcoal cannister and valve

Green Star Spray Painting: Rim spray and reinforcement, wheel balancing

Classic Auto Leather: Headliner

Green Star Spray Painting: Engine cover spray

JAE Auto: Stockist


Giant: Brake Dust Cleaner / Repellent

Wheel alignment

Evap connector


left fender repair