Asian Line Odds

1)Look at Top 10 in Besoccer, aim for lower odds, higher odds are bonus, research through team vs team in google (if none, then just use flashscore top 10)

2)Scan thru besoccer for good matches, look at win probability, note +1 -1 percentage, elo value. And find good tilt

The Elo system works with only a single number, the Elo value. The difference in Elo points between two teams directly translates to a likelyhood of winning against that team.

Tilt is designed to be a measure of offensiveness (not quality, that is what Elo is for).


3) Follow up with betexplorer popular bets and

4) Keep track of total deposits and withdrawals

Marty’s in order to beat Baccarat.
Never sit down when playing Baccarat.
All my bets are placed standing up in back of the seated players.
Go from table to table looking for that table where Player or Banker is dominating the scene


1) Look at marketwatch main page, and marketwatch currencies page

2) Look at marketwatch watchlist, if in doubt follow percentage change